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Kayak Cover Waterproof Canoe Storage Dust Sunblock Cover

Kayak Cover Waterproof Canoe Storage Dust Sunblock Cover

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  • Waterproof Kayak Boat UV Resistant Professional Kayak Cover Dustproof Camo Canoe Storage Boat Accessories Swimming Pool Boat

    1.Protect your kayak : The product is made from Oxford cloth,can be UV-resistant, waterproof and dustproof, Ultraviolet penetration rate reaches 99.9%, the kayak  on the backyard or beach can be protected well.

    2.Easy to use: You can fix the product on your kayak without other tools

    3.Extend kayak service life: Good protecetion can reduce the damage to your kayak, extending kayak service life effectively

    4.Responding to special periods: During the special period of the epidemic, your kayak also needs to be protected. Being exposed to the sun in the yard all day, wind-swept by sand, or washed by rain can easily lead to molecular aging, which is not only easy Reduce the life of your kayak, and more importantly, it may not be safe the next time you use it. With our kayak sunshield, the best protection for your kayak, so that your kayak is exactly the same when it is packed and when it is taken out.

    5.Protect you and your family: kayaking can bring a lot of fun, but the application scenarios are very dangerous. If the kayak is not well protected, it cannot be guaranteed to be completely safe the next time you use it. Will bring a fatal threat to you and your family. Therefore, when storing the kayak, please give it a better protection to ensure your safety when traveling.

    Material:Oxford cloth



    Function:Scorching Sun

    Function:Sand Dust

    Function:Ultraviolet Rays

    Length(Optional) Suitable for kayak length Weight Size:

    3.0m /  9.8 ft 2.1-2.5 m /    6.8-8.2 ft 363 g/12.8oz

    3.5m / 11.4 ft 2.6-3.0m /    8.5-9.8 ft 418 g/14.7oz

    4.0m / 13.1 ft 3.1-3.5m / 10.7-11.4 ft 492 g/17.3oz

    4.5m / 14.7 ft 3.6-4 m   / 11.8-13.1 ft 551 g/19.4oz

    5.0m / 16.4 ft 4.1-4.5m / 13.4-14.7 ft 625 g/   22oz

    5.5m / 18.0 ft 4.6-5 m  /  15.0-18.0 ft 706 g/24.9oz

    6.0m / 19.6 ft 5.1-5.5m / 16.7-18.0 ft 758 g/26.7oz

    6.5m / 21.3 ft 5.6-6 m  /  18.3-19.6 ft 821 g/28.9oz

    Package Includes:  1PC Kayak Protective Cover